Handmade cymbals exported to world

Handmade cymbals exported to world

SAMSUN - Anatolia News Agency
Handmade cymbals exported to world

Murat Diril is producing drum bells in his atelier and export them to 60 countries. Among the buyers are the world famous popstars and Rio’s samba dancers, he says.

A drum bell producer from the Black Sea province of Samsun exports his bells to 60 countries, including to world famous popstars and the bands of samba dancers performing at the Rio Carnival.

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Murat Diril said he had started producing bells 20 years ago in Istanbul as an apprentice and set up his own business 12 years ago in Samsun.

He produces drum bells in his workshop and exports them to 60 countries including the U.S., China, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil and Argentina.

Diril said they produced 10,000 hand-made bells in the workshop annually. “We export all these bells. We don’t sell our products to anybody in Turkey except one musical group. However, our bells are used in the bands of many world famous stars, including Madonna, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and one of the world’s best drummers, Johnny Rabb. Also, we produce drum bells for samba dancers performing at the Rio Carnival. We have received many orders from samba dancers this year.”

Diril said hand-made drum bell production was not common. “Few companies produce hand-made bells. We work for professionals and receive special orders. We also prepare the metal that we use in bells ourselves. Hand-made bells give higher-quality sound. This is why they are preferable.”