Hamster biter woman detained by police, fined

Hamster biter woman detained by police, fined

Hamster biter woman detained by police, fined

A fine of 947 Turkish Liras ($123) was imposed on a woman who first slapped and then tried to bite a hamster in her lap in the Mediterranean province of Antalya.

In a footage recorded in the city’s Gazipaşa district, a young woman was seen slapping a hamster on her lap, according to a report by Demirören News Agency.

It could not be determined why the woman who tried to bite the head of the animal from time to time did such a thing.

Animal rights advocates reacted to the footage that went viral on social media, while some claimed that the woman was trying to pet the animal in a strange way.

Taking action on the incident, police teams examined the security cameras in an area they thought could be the place where the incident took place.

The police determined the suspect, identified only by initials S.K., as a result of the investigation.

The young woman, who was taken into custody, was released after being fined 947 liras under the Animal Protection Law.