Hagia Varvara gains popularity in Trabzon

Hagia Varvara gains popularity in Trabzon

Hagia Varvara gains popularity in Trabzon


The Hagia Varvara Monastery at the entrance of the Sümela Monastery in one of Turkey’s notable tourism centers in Altındered Valley is popular among local and foreign tourists visiting the Black Sea province of Trabzon.

After the historic Sümela Monastery was closed to visitors for comprehensive restoration and rock improvement, the Hagia Varvara Monastery was restored to become an alternative for tourists. It then became a well-known tourist attraction in the region.

Visitors can see the Sümela Monastery closely from its view terrace and have the opportunity to do a three-dimensional tour with virtual reality goggles. This way, tourists can see the beauties of the region and learn about its culture.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Maçka Mayor Koray Koçhan said the northern province of Trabzon’s Maçka district has significant potential in terms of tourism in the region and the country.

Koçhan said the monasteries and churches are important tourism destinations in the district, adding that Sümela Monastery had been closed for some time and this is why they had created alternatives for tourists.

“Hagia Varvara Monastery makes it possible to see the Sümela Monastery in 3D. This is why its popularity increases day by day. The unique beauties of the region attract visitors,” said the mayor.

He also said the monastery had been visited by more than 90,000 people within three months. “This is a very beautiful valley and our goal is to make it more active and increase its share of tourism. We are working on this,” said Koçhan.