‘Güngören bomber’ neutralized by MİT in N Syria

‘Güngören bomber’ neutralized by MİT in N Syria

Fevzi Kızılkoyun – ANKARA
‘Güngören bomber’ neutralized by MİT in N Syria

The planner of a PKK bombing that killed 18 people in Istanbul’s Güngören district on July 27, 2008, has been neutralized by Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) in northern Syria.

According to local reports, MİT organized an operation on a house Nüsret Tebiş, known as the “Güngören bomber,” was hiding in in the province of al-Hasakah, some 60 kilometers away from Türkiye’s border and killed him.

The details of the operation were not shared by officials.

The PKK terrorist, codenamed “Rüstem,” was alleged to have run away to northern Iraq after the Güngören attack.

After years of search, MİT detected Tebiş locating to northern Syria and settling in a house in al-Hasakah.

Entering northern Syria, the intelligence officials started monitoring the house for weeks and held the operation when ready.

The MİT team left the region secure after the operation was successfully held, the local media has reported.

Joining the PKK in 1995 in the southeastern province of Siirt, Tebiş followed PKK activities in Istanbul’s Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü districts for years.

After the Güngören bombing, he was sentenced to 1,250 years in absence for killing 18 people, including five children.

Turkish security units have been seeking him for 14 years.