Guide Dogs Association to organize fund-raising event

Guide Dogs Association to organize fund-raising event

Guide Dogs Association to organize fund-raising event

Maggie Moore, the visually impaired wife of former British Ambassador to Ankara, Richard Moore, will also attend the ball in Istanbul.

This month is celebrating the fourth anniversary of the Guide Dogs Association of Turkey, the main aspect of which is volunteering

The puppy walker families play a substantial role in the process of training a guide dog. Puppy walker families work on a voluntary basis. They take care of dogs in the initial stages as they open their homes to the potential guide dogs for one year.

In return, the families are provided with food and veterinary services for the dogs. 

After the dog turns almost one year old, it goes through an exam with the guide dog trainers. This implies that the family has to give the dog back to the association when the dog passes the exam. 

The association has 11 puppy walkers. They all share a crucial common purpose of raising the puppy for the blind and visually impaired people. 

Every Sunday at 10 a.m., the puppy walker families work with the guide dog trainer for three hours. The trainings include basic obedience as well. 

The Guide Dogs Association also had a project in cooperation with Zorlu Center called “No Barriers at Zorlu,” which won an award at the ICSC Community Support Awards. 

Now, through the encouragement of its main sponsor, Marriott International Hotels, the Guide Dogs Association is holding the third annual Autumn Ball, a fundraising event, at Le Méridien in Istanbul’s Etiler neighborhood on Nov. 24. 

The event includes a high profile guest list of prominent businessmen, diplomats and parliamentary members. In addition, people who are in need of a guide dog will also be in attendance. 

In order to donate to the fundraising event, please visit the association’s website at