Greek singer Haris Alexiou lauds Turkish-Greek empathy

Greek singer Haris Alexiou lauds Turkish-Greek empathy

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Greek singer Haris Alexiou lauds Turkish-Greek empathy

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One of the most popular singers of Greece, Haris Alexiou will take the stage tonight at the Istanbul Congress Center.

Alexiou first appeared in the music industry in the 1970s and she has produced more than 30 albums. Her fascinating voice quickly made her well-known all over the world and led her to the top of the Greek charts.

Alexiou’s reputation is not limited to Greece; she has sung with several foreign signers and also cooperated several times with many established Turkish artists, including singers and composers Zülfü Livaneli and Sezen Aksu.

Her songs have also been sung by Yeni Türkü, Erol Evgin, Müslüm Gürses, and Yonca Evcimik, all of whom are famous Turkish musicians.

Speaking before her meeting with Turkish fans, Alexiou discussed her strong relationship with Turkey and the deep empathy she has for the neighboring country.

“Music connects all people, but the connection between Greeks and Turks is deeper,” she said. “We have both lived with each other and this has brought us closer.”

The common tastes and expressions the two nations share are also expressed in the music of both countries, this is what connects us even more, Alexiou said.

“If politicians could do what we people do – we don’t ask anything from each other, we just want all to be well – then most of the political problems would be solved and politicians know that,” said Alexiou. “It is not impossible that we, as people, live peacefully and at the same time have these political differences,” she added.

The differences that exist may be there for the benefit of governments, she suggested, and there may be a reason why the problems are not solved. However, music cannot solve these issues. But what music can do is reunite people. Younger generations that do not carry the burden of old history can make a difference in the situation. We should insist on making this difference. It is possible that we, as people, can be united and love each other and not let politics divide us,” she said.   

Alexiou noted that this is something that happens all over the world, and is not necessarily limited to Turks and Greeks, adding, “These steps that are being taken by artists from both sides should continue. These actions will continue to bring us closer.”

Alexiou has so far primarily visited the western part of Turkey. She said she felt a warm embrace there. “I cannot explain what made the Turkish people embrace me; it might be that my origin is in Izmir.”
In May 2010, a street in İzmir’s Gaziemir district was named after the famous Greek singer, “Haris Aleksiou Friendship Street” (Haris Alexiou Dostluk Caddesi).