Gov’t brings cultural activities home

Gov’t brings cultural activities home

Gov’t brings cultural activities home

An application supported by Turkey’s Culture and Tourism Ministry brings art lovers together with cultural and arts activities during the coronavirus pandemic.

The ministry launched a new series of live broadcasts with musicians and artists every day between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., except Sundays.

The artists and musicians will perform 15-20 minutes in the programs that will be broadcast live on the “SanatCepte” (Art In The Pocket) application’s Instagram account.

Live performances of artists who have done important works in the fields of theater, opera, ballet and music will be broadcast and ballet trainings will also be given for children.

The application normally would announce art events and serve as a platform for the purchase of tickets by the State Theaters, the State Opera and Ballet, and the choirs and orchestras of the ministry.

But when public activities were delayed due to the coronavirus, the application took on an important task to bring the art and the artists together with the art lovers.