Government to pick plays to support, says Turkish PM

Government to pick plays to support, says Turkish PM

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Government to pick plays to support, says Turkish PM

This photo shows actors protesting the PM’s privatization plan on May Day. AA photo

Prime Minister Recey Tayyip Erdoğan has said that if someone would like to launch a theater themselves they are free to do so. “If someone would like to start a new theater they can. They can act freely and they can enter the area as it is being privatized.”

He also said the number of theaters had increased during the AKP’s period in government. “We support everyone in this area. We can also continue to be sponsors if the scenarios and plays are approved. However the current understanding has to change … We want everyone to be privatized and free in this area.”

The law protects both artists and artists’ rights, and a new legal model will be created for theaters, said Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay, speaking to journalists at the premier of Murad V ballet.

“No one has to worry about anything,” he said, adding that with the new model a contractor artist period will start.

There are some important things that are fixed according to the law. The law protects artists and theaters, according to Günay.

“If we do not consider laws, we cannot create a new model,” he said.

“The Cabinet agreed that a new model will be developed both for state and city theaters. We will try to do it as soon as possible,” he said. Art activities need to be spread to all parts of the population, and while doing this, artists will be freer, according to Günay.

Noting that they had analyzed models used around the world, Günay said: “For a while there was a trend toward a ‘contractor artist’ model. This model uses public earnings more actively.”

“This is a freer model that we want to apply,” he said. Noting models like this are used around the world, Günay said, “We will share this model with people who are truly objective.”

There is also a search to cover more contractor art projects, he added.

However, he added, the decision for a final model has not been reached yet.

Günay said, “The law still protects artists, and there is no other plan to get rid of these laws.”

“We need to consider the new model with the law, and we should not take away any rights that have already been given,” he added.

Günay said the aim is to create common ground for a freer theater scene in Turkey. “The other aim is to make art more active and widespread to the public,” he said.

“If this bid will be decided, then we will work on a new model, and after 15 days the session will end. The tour season starts,” he added.