Göbeklitepe to be closed to visitors

Göbeklitepe to be closed to visitors

Göbeklitepe to be closed to visitors The ancient site of Göbeklitepe, one of the world’s most important archaeological sites and on UNESCO’s tentative list of World Heritage Sites, will be closed to visitors between June 13 and Dec. 31, according to a written statement made by the Culture and Tourism Ministry. 

The statement said the construction of two protective roof coverings and the implementation of a revival center project are planned for the ancient settlement in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa. 

“In order to finish the works on time and to provide safety of visitors, the Göbeklitepe ancient settlement will be closed to visits,” the statement said. 

Located in Örencik, 18 kilometers from the center of Şanlıurfa, Göbeklitepe was first discovered in 1963 during surface surveys carried out by researchers from the universities of Istanbul and Chicago.

Since 1995, the Şanlıurfa Museum and the German Archaeology Institute have been collaborating on the excavations.