German films at Istanbul Modern

German films at Istanbul Modern

German films at Istanbul Modern

Organized by Istanbul Modern Cinema in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Istanbul, Brand New Films from Germany celebrates its 12th year this winter. Comprising seven films that will be screened in the online program for the first time in Turkey, this year’s program, titled “Stray Tales,” will be organized between Nov. 26 and Dec. 6.

The selection includes a variety of films that bring fantastic stories to present day as well as urban legends. While some films have a fairy-tale like atmosphere, some question history and facts through their stories that are based on real life events.

Among the highlights of the Stray Tales program are films such as “Curveball,” a dark comedy agent film adapting real events taking place during the Iraq war to follow the role of the German government and secret service. The film is directed by Johannes Naber.

The documentary “Schlingensief: A Voice That Shook the Silence” is portraying the 40-year-long artistic career of film director Christoph Schlingensief, one of the leading names of contemporary German theater using archival footage.

Schlingensief’s 1986 production, “Egomania - Island Without Hope” is also in the program. It is taking place on an island after dooms day.

Also included in the program is a fun family film: Erik Schmitt’s first feature length film “Cleo,” which premiered at the Berlinale last year as the opening film of the Generation Kplus section. The film portrays the fantastic adventure of the film’s protagonist Cleo as it takes the viewers on a colorful journey across the 800-year-long history of the city of Berlin.