Gastronomy world to meet at Brand Week Gastro

Gastronomy world to meet at Brand Week Gastro

Gastronomy world to meet at Brand Week Gastro

Brand Week Istanbul will host the world of gastronomy for the first time this year with the motto “Eat Brand Love.” World-renowned names in the Brand Week Gastro, which will be held in Meydan Foyer inside Zorlu PSM, will come together for this year’s theme “Ideas Beyond Borders.”

At Brand Week Istanbul, “marketing” side of the gastronomy will be discussed under the name of Brand Week Gastro with the participation of world’s well-known chefs, local and foreign guests, brands wishing to showcase their tastes, innovative start-ups and influencers.

The Brand Week Gastro, the first event on “Gastronomy Marketing” of Turkey, will be organized by Kapital Medya in partnership with Dude Table, a leading food marketing consultancy firm.

Having pointed out the importance of the Brand Week Istanbul for the marketing and communication world, MediaCat Chief Executive Pelin Özkan said “This year, we’ll be hosting those wishing to make a change and go beyond borders with their brands and ideas and create differences in their respective sectors with their eye-opening stories under the theme ‘Ideas Beyond Borders’. We’ll also blaze a trail with many different names and subjects this year. However, the most important one of these for us is that we’ll be addressing ‘Gastronomy Marketing’ as part of Brand Week for the first time. At the Brand Week Gastro, we will be hosting 39 different names for three days on Nov. 7-9. We created a chockfull program that will offer an added-value to the gastronomy world.”

‘Eat Brand Love’

She added: “Countless subject matters such as branding stories in gastronomy, branding as a national cuisine and what steps Turkish cuisine should take in this path, the place of technology, applications and social media in gastronomy tourism, our taste perception, branding with street food, and emotional marketing in food will be discussed. For this first event, we came up with a striking motto ‘Eat Brand Love’.”

Chef Mehmet Gürs, the founder of Acetaia San Giacomo, the partner of Istanbul Food and Beverage Group, Cristina Bowerman, the well-known Italian Chef, and Andrea Bezzechi, the sensory analyst with PhD in the food biotechnology, Katie Parla, a writer and journalist, Beatriz Jacoste, Haro Cümbüşyan, Nardane Kuşçu, Olcay Silahlı, CEO of Fazla Gıda, Berin Bal and Neşe Biber, of Antre Gourmet, Master Chef Aydın Demir, Burak Zafer Sırmaçekici, Deniz Temel, Kaan Sakarya, Derin Arıbaş, Didem Şenol Tiryakioğlu, Üryan Doğmuş and Cihan Kıpçak are among those who will appear at the Gastro Stage.

Sessions will be accompanied by experiential tasting events. At experiential areas where visionary brands of the food and beverage sector will take place, visitors will have the chance of having unparalleled experienced such as olive oil tasting with five senses, street food tasting by fine dining chefs and innovative presentations.

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