Turkey’s ops on southern border necessary for security: Security Council

Turkey’s ops on southern border necessary for security: Security Council

Turkey’s ops on southern border necessary for security: Security Council

Turkey’s military operations being carried out now and to be carried out in the future on its southern borders do not target the territorial integrity of its neighbors but are necessary for the country’s security, the National Security Council (MGK) of the country said on May 26.

“The operations currently being conducted or to be conducted in order to rid our southern borders of the threat of terrorism do not in any way jeopardize the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our neighbors, are a necessity for our national security and will also make a significant contribution to the peace and security of our neighbors,” the council said after its meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Turkey upholds its commitments in international organizations and alliances of which it is a member in accordance with the spirit and law of alliance and the principle of pacta sunt servanda, the statement said.

Ankara expects the same responsibility and sincerity from its allies and calls on countries that plainly violate international law by supporting and protecting terrorism, which is especially the common enemy of all humanity, to cease these attitudes and activities and acknowledge Turkey’s security concerns, it added.

The MGK emphasized the urgent need for a comprehensive ceasefire to end the war between Ukraine and Russia and pave the way for a peaceful solution. A solution to be reached within the framework of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity would be the basis for establishing lasting peace in the region, it noted.

“Greece’s gradually increasing provocative actions in the Aegean Sea, violating international law and the treaties to which it is a party, and its attempts to exploit alliances that require action taken with an understanding of cooperation, were discussed, and it was emphasized that our determined stance on the protection of our nation’s rights and interests would be maintained without compromise,” the statement said.

The MGK cited the concern about the resurgence of Islamophobia in some countries in the recent period, saying, “Relevant countries have been reminded of their responsibility not to ignore and to prevent provocative actions, such as the burning of our holy book, the Quran, and the targeting of our citizens with actual attacks.”

The Council stressed the importance of maintaining Libya’s territorial integrity with the stability achieved in the country and avoiding actions that could lead to new conflicts and underlined the necessity for fair, free and credible elections to be held throughout Libya in line with the expectations of the people and based on national reconciliation.

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