Four detained in Antalya over murder ‘inspired by book’

Four detained in Antalya over murder ‘inspired by book’

Four detained in Antalya over murder ‘inspired by book’

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Gendarmerie in the southern province of Antalya on Oct. 5 detained four suspects allegedly involved in the murder of a 25-year-old male who was shot dead before being immolated in a forest, in an act allegedly inspired by a book written by one of the suspects.
The suspects – identified only by the initials İ.C., M.K., M.C. and T.E. - were detained after a special investigation team completed its work three months after the burned body of the victim, Hulusi Gelişken, was found in a well in the village of Kirişçiler in Antalya’s Kepez district.  

Investigators detected that the victim’s credit card was used three times after the incident and subsequently managed to track down the suspects. 

The suspects have reportedly pleaded guilty to the murder, saying they carried it out over an unpaid debt issue. They also stated that they used a method laid out by a book called “The Breath of Death” penned by the suspect M.C. 

In a raid on M.C.’s house, gendarmerie officers found the book and included it in the case’s dossier as evidence.