Forest fires break out as Turkey experiences hottest days

Forest fires break out as Turkey experiences hottest days

Forest fires break out as Turkey experiences hottest days

Firefighters are battling to contain forest fires that erupted on June 27 in Turkey’s Mediterranean province of Muğla’s Marmaris, a famous resort town that sacrifices its dense forests due to the forest fires that break out every summer.

Massive fires broke out in forestland close to hotels and settlements in the İçmeler neighborhood of the coastal district as temperature rises above the seasonal normals again after a relatively warm two weeks.

Many forest workers and firefighters, including six helicopters, sprinklers, bulldozers and water tankers, are battling flames that the wind helped quickly spread over the region.

According to Muğla Regional Directorate of Forestry, 38-year-old forest worker Görkem Hasdemir was killed while battling the fire.

Muğla Governor Orhan Tavlı said that the wind in the region was complicating firefighting efforts.

“The teams are working accordingly in line with how the wind changes its direction,” he said, adding that many reinforcements from surrounding areas came to aid efforts.

The fire in Marmaris was brought under control as of June 27 afternoon.

Separately, locals in the Mediterranean province of Antalya’s Kaş district informed authorities of a fire that sparked in forestland.

After continuous strenuous efforts, firefighters were able to successfully put off the forest fires by the dawn of June 27.

Another news of a forest fire in the Mediterranean province of İçel’s Tarsus district was reported on the night of June 26.

“Ten hectares of the forest have completely burned down,” reported local officials at around midnight.

Local security units in the three provinces are still investigating the causes of the fires.

The country’s meteorology authority confirmed that last month was the warmest May in the last 51 years in Turkey, warning that temperatures could rise in the coming days.