Forest boy mystery solved

Forest boy mystery solved

BERLIN - The Associated Press
Forest boy mystery solved

A handout photo provided by the German police shows 'forest boy' Ray in Berlin, Germany, 12 June 2012. EPA photo

Berlin police say an English-speaking teenage boy who wandered into the city nine months ago saying his name was Ray and that he had been living in the forest for the last five years has been spinning a tale.

After publishing his picture earlier this week, police said Friday a former girlfriend identified him as a 20-year-old from the Netherlands who was reported missing last September.

When confronted with the details, police say the boy confirmed the story.

An official, speaking on condition of anonymity because she wasn't authorized to release personal details, said the boy's real name is "Robin" but wouldn't give his last name.

It wasn't immediately clear what will happen now, but police say they are checking into whether he could be charged with fraud.