Football in Türkiye not dirty, says TFF head

Football in Türkiye not dirty, says TFF head

Mehmet Arslan – ISTANBUL
Football in Türkiye not dirty, says TFF head

The head of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) has said he has never witnessed any evidence hinting that the football in the country is dirty, putting an end to a long-discussed debate.

“I was the president of Gaziantep FC for two years. Now I am the head of TFF. Never saw any case. I think bringing this allegation that football is dirty to the country’s agenda is not right,” Mehmet Büyükekşi said on July 10.

The allegation becomes the country’s hot topic from time to time as some think that the champions are already “selected” at the beginning of a season and referees act for that cause through the season.

Taking over the post at a hard time when the quality of the Turkish football is in decline, Büyükekşi said, “TFF is only one side of football. Clubs, media, spectators, referees on other sides. We need to move together.”

“It is important to achieve an extremely difficult objective,” he said and adding: “Our goal is to cooperate at the highest levels to upgrade Turkish football’s brand value.”

The TFF head also highlighted that a professional exchange program with UEFA countries will be active for referees, which may also be seen as revolutionary.

“Our elite referees will conduct a match in another country as ‘theirs’ will referee matches in Türkiye,” he noted.

When asked which team he supported, he pointed out the Turkish national team due to his post.

“I was a Galatasaray fan before. I am also a member of the club. As I managed Gaziantep FC, I became a member of it too,” he stated.

“Now, I am the TFF head. I will bet my life for the national team.”