Food companies quit bid for GM products

Food companies quit bid for GM products

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Food companies quit bid for GM products Turkey’s Food and Beverage Associations Federation (TGDF) has withdrawn applications to import 29 genetically modified (GM) food items due to negative public reaction, according to a press release yesterday.

TGDF has officially withdrawn the applications with a letter to the Food and Agriculture Ministry, it said in the press release.

The ministry had repeatedly said it would not allow imports of GM food. Turkey only imports certain items of GM feed for animals.

“TGDF has called on those responsible for biological security to put an end to lingering public concerns and confusion, demanded that steps be taken to solve problems deriving from the spread [of GM elements], and withdrawn its applications,” read the statement.

This was a historic step, according to Tarık Nejat Dinç, the head of Greenpeace’s Mediterranean agriculture team.

“We would like to thank TGDF-member companies such as Sana, Algida, Eti, Nestle, Ülker and Karaköy Güllüoğlu for their prudent attitude,” Dinç said. Looking at the federation’s statement, the letter seeks to reduce problems resulting from the spread of the use of GM products, he said.

Nadir Güllüoğlu, owner of one of the leading baklava producers in the country, had resigned from TGDF after seeing his brand’s name in a list of companies that demanded the importation of GM products.