Flamingo flew from Iran shot down in Turkey

Flamingo flew from Iran shot down in Turkey

Flamingo flew from Iran shot down in Turkey

With the arrival of spring and the warming of the weather, migratory birds started to arrive at Lake Tuz, one of the most visited breeding grounds, especially for flamingos.

However, one of the flamingos was found shot by hunters with a rifle near the basin located in the Central Anatolian province of Aksaray. Villagers who found the injured flamingo reported it to the Nature Conservation and National Parks Branch teams.

The flamingo, which was delivered to the teams, was taken under treatment at Aksaray University Veterinary Faculty.

According to an X-ray film, it was determined that the flamingo’s left wing was broken due to the rifle shot, and the bullet caused wounds in three different parts of its body.

A tracking device, attached to the flamingo probably by bird watchers in the Iranian capital of Tehran, was also found on the bird’s foot.

Believed to have reached Lake Tuz by flying approximately 2,000 kilometers, the bird will be released back to nature after treatment.