Flamenco star Amargo in Ankara

Flamenco star Amargo in Ankara

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Flamenco star Amargo in Ankara The award-winning star of flamenco, Spanish star Rafael Amargo, will be on the stage at the 34th International Ankara Music Festival on April 22 with his show “Intimo.” 

Expressing his pleasure at being in Turkey to perform, Amargo says he feels very comfortable in Turkey. 

The flamenco star, who has enjoyed success both in his native country Spain and the world with his shows “Poet in New York,” “Amargo,” “El Amor Brujo” and “Enramblao,” says it is “extraordinary” to bring together the different worlds of women and men in harmony of dance. 

“Turkey is a country I like and know well but I will be in Ankara for the first time. People’s sympathy and the country’s energy attract me. As a Mediterranean, I think we have similar features with Turks. I am very happy that I will be with my audience at the 34th Ankara Music Festival on April 22. I feel very comfortable in Turkey. I previously played the role of a Turkish sultan in a film. I have read many things about Turkey and conducted research. I invite everyone to see Intimo and share the excitement of flamenco.” 

Flamenco, dance of love 

“I like acting but flamenco is my life. Dancing and designing new choreographies make me feel that I am living,” said Amargo, who has also appeared in many films.

“I can say flamenco is the dance of my life and my passion. Our work titled ‘Intimo’ is a magnificent show where our dancers and musicians present traditional elements of flamenco with contemporary choreographies in an eclectic and aesthetic harmony. The meeting of a man and woman in flamenco also symbolizes love and is very special in my opinion,” he added. 

Amargo also referred to his admiration for Spanish flamenco dancer and choreographer Antonio Gades. 

“There are many dancers who have had an impact on me both in the flamenco field and others. It improves you to view good dancers. I have admiration for many dancers and musicians, including Fred Astaire, Rasta Thomas, Michael Jackson, Savon Glover, Desmond Richardson, Israel Galvan, Manuela Carrasco, Esther Jurado, Carmen La Talegona, Karyme Amaya and Farruquitoi Jose Maya,” he said. 

Amargo is the choreographer and art director of his show “Intimo,” in which he presents the figures that he has learned in New York’s Martha Graham School.

Andres Carmona Silva and Basilio Garcia Clavero will be in the show accompanying on guitar while Maria Teresa Maya Altea and Gomez “El Duende” will be on vocals, David Moreira Gonzales will be on violin and Antonio Maya will be on the kahonda, a kind of drum. 

Vanesa Galvez, Rosano Romero, Marina Gonzalez, Yolanda Jimenez and Olga Llorente are among the dancers due to perform in Ankara alongside Amargo.