First solo show by Can Bonomo at The Marmara Pera

First solo show by Can Bonomo at The Marmara Pera

First solo show by Can Bonomo at The Marmara Pera Works by musician and poet Can Bonomo are set to go on display at the Marmara Pera as part of the first-ever solo show by the artist.

As an artist, Bonomo aims to seek a cause and effect in every story and event he experiences; this time, he is preparing to reflect all his stories on canvases for the show, “Anachronismus.”

In the show, Bonomo gathers different techniques such as illustrations, digital prints, oil painting and wall paintings. His aim is to combine images from the past with the present to show to the viewer that the perception of time is deceptive. 

Viewers will see the images of old paintings reinvented by Bonomo. In fact, Bonomo wants to show that it is possible to perceive works of art in a different way than previously. While the artist integrates the images of popular culture, he opens a new discourse. It is possible to see images that are totally independent from each other.

According to Bonomo, anachronism is just a state of mind among the chaos of perception of time. The title of the exhibition, “Anachronism,” means something such as a word, object or event that is mistakenly placed in a time where it does not belong in a story or a movie, or a person or a thing that seems to belong to the past and not to the present. 

The exhibition is organized by Sade Kolektif, which is a platform that aims to bring artists and institutions and companies together. It opens today and will continue through Nov. 20.