Fire of Anatolia to draw attention to refugee tragedy

Fire of Anatolia to draw attention to refugee tragedy

Fire of Anatolia to draw attention to refugee tragedy The Fire of Anatolia dance troupe is readying to stage new performances to draw attention to the tragedies refugees experience in Turkey, Mustafa Erdoğan, the general director of the group, has said.  

The Fire of Anatolia, which has performed 4,000 shows in 97 countries since 2002, takes the stage two days a week in the Aspendos Arena in the southern province of Antalya. Guided by hundreds of thousands of years of mythological and cultural history of Anatolia, the dance troupe presents a cultural festivity on the stage with 3,000 folk dance figures. 

Speaking to state-run Anadolu Agency, Erdoğan said the Fire of Anatolia has been performing in Antalya Aspendos Arena every week on Tuesdays and Fridays for nine years, adding that their program starts in April and continues through November. 

He said they are working on a project related to refugees in Turkey. “In order to draw attention to their tragedy, contribute to their adaption into the Turkish society and reveal their artistic creativity, we want to make new shows by synthesizing the Anatolian culture and the culture of refugees. We are now working on it,” he added.  

He said they will also develop a unique project to promote their project “Troy” all over the world.

“We have talks with the Çanakkale Governor’s Office and Çanakkale deputies. We will be able to announce our plans next month. The horse of Troy that we use in our shows is being kept at the Antalya International Terminal. We try to increase the number of horses, which we previously carried to Belgium, Mexico and Germany, and showcase ‘Troy’ to the world. The Fire of Anatolia has become a classic of Turkey. We have other new projects including ‘The Silk Road’ and ‘Fertile Crescent Aden.’ Our friends are working on their choreography, music, costume designs and scripts,” Erdoğan said. 

Stating that the Turkish society treats the group like the “national team,” Erdoğan said Turkish audiences abroad were proud of them. 

“They bring their foreign guests with them. We are trying our best to deserve it. And as for the reaction of foreign viewers, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had watched us in the Kremlin Palace. He came to the backstage and congratulated us. Later on, he visited Turkey and it was his first visit. 

When asked about Turkey in the airport, he said, ‘I know Turkey thanks to the Fire of Anatolia. I have watched a magnificent show and had an idea about your culture.’ We can give other examples like this. Some people come to Turkey just to watch the Fire of Anatolia.” 

He also added that those who are planning to visit Turkey in 2019 or 2021 can already buy tickets for their shows.