Finnish artist at Istanbul Modern

Finnish artist at Istanbul Modern

Finnish artist at Istanbul Modern

Ten international artists were invited to Istanbul to collaborate with local artisans in the “International Artist Residency Program” launched by Istanbul Modern with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA). Their productions will be on display at the museum in February 2020. 

In preparation for the exhibition, Istanbul Modern is organizing a program of films about various crafts. The program’s first guest is Finnish artist Katariina Lillqvist, whose films have previously been screened at Istanbul Modern as part of the exhibition, “In Praise of Shadows” (2009).

Lillqvist creates films and animations using handmade puppets and is currently in Turkey to examine the shadow theater and puppet-making traditions of Greece and Turkey.

As part of the program, the artist will screen two of her films and present a talk on her research. The films will be “The Country Doctor” and “Radio Dolores.”

The event is free of charge and will be held in English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Born in 1963, Lillqvist is a filmmaker who uses the puppets that she makes as actors in her movies. Her stories are frequently adapted from existing tales or from literary classics, history and old beliefs. Her films have a unique dark quality, a clear awareness of human despair, and they probe the destructive effects of work and the conflicts it creates in people.