Fethiye’s ancient tombs cleaned up

Fethiye’s ancient tombs cleaned up

MUĞLA – Doğan News Agency
Fethiye’s ancient tombs cleaned up

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The 2,400 year-old tombs surrounded by garbage and weeds in the ancient city of Telmessos in the touristic southwestern province of Muğla’s Fethiye district have been cleaned up after negative reactions. 

As part of the clean-up, two trucks of garbage were removed by the Fethiye Museum Directorate and the Fethiye Municipality. 

The tombs date back to the Lycian civilization in the 4th century B.C., of which there are many traces throughout Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

One of the locals, Hasan Fehmi Kökten, said they were “ashamed” of the garbage that had built up at the ancient site, as many tourists visiting the region had been posing in front of the trash. 

“Part of the historic Amintas rock tombs is here. This place was taken under protection but it was turned into a garbage dump. We are pleased with the cleaning work that has been done. As locals living in the neighborhood, we will do our best to keep this place clean. Tourists from around the world come here to see the tombs and we were ashamed of the situation,” Kökten said. 

Officials said other ancient places in similar conditions would also be cleaned.