Festival to offer tasty foods

Festival to offer tasty foods

Festival to offer tasty foods Following the gathering of cinema lovers in different countries, a Kiev-based young team’s short film food festival project, “Food Film Festival World,” will take place at the TÜRVAK Cinema Museum.  

Food is more than just hunger; it is culture, philosophy, and art. Under this idea, the Food Film Festival will present the most profound productions related to gastronomy, social and cultural issues under categories such as “Food & People,” “Cook Book,” “Tastes like Animal” and “Food Ads.”

The festival audiences will have the chance to see 19 movies from 10 countries, including the work of a Turkish director. The films do not resemble step-by-step cooking shows, according to the organization committee. They present stories of success, comedies, love and the cultural preferences of people from different cultures, with one thing in common: food. 

The event will also offer audiences a taste of different and meticulously prepared meals. During the festival, participants will be able to attend master classes about coffee culture, bakery, tea and organic food, and to listen to experts in the food sector, including academics, bloggers and project owners. 

The festival will take place on Oct. 10 at the TÜRVAK Cinema Museum in Beyoğlu between 1-10 p.m.