Father, son produce microtonal guitar

Father, son produce microtonal guitar

Father, son produce microtonal guitar

The Lego microtonal guitar, developed by the Istanbul Technical University’s (ITU) Professor Tolgahan Çoğulu with the idea of his 10-year-old son Atlas, made it to the finals of the Georgia Tech University 2021 Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Design Competition.

“I am very excited and proud. There is a box on the contest link. When you click there, you vote for us. I would be glad if you vote for us,” said Atlas.

Çoğulu’s son Atlas has been playing piano for years. Born to a family of musicians, Atlas later started playing guitar, and with the idea that he gave to his father, they created the Lego microtonal guitar as he likes playing with the Lego.

Coma sounds as well as full and half sounds could be played on the guitar as well.

Stating that he is very happy that he participated in the competition, Atlas said: “Even though I didn’t get a degree, I am still very proud to participate in this competition.”

“Maybe I win, maybe I lose. I have trust in my guitar. I hope Turkey will vote for this guitar. There are 29 very beautiful instruments in the competition organized by the Georgia Tech University. I would be very happy if you vote,” he said.

Noting that Atlas grew up with music, Çoğulu said: “There was always music in this house. He started with the piano at the age of seven. But then he wanted to start playing guitar.”

“He got into the part time education at the Mimar Sinan Conservatory. He continues playing the piano, too. He guides me with his ideas. I’m happy and proud,” he added.

Stating that he participated in the same competition six years ago and became the world champion, he said: “In 2014 I joined that contest with my adjustable microtonal guitar. I played Aşık Veysel’s ‘Kara Toprak’ and won the world champion title. Six years later, Lego microtonal guitar is here thanks to Atlas. Now we got excited again when we made it to the finals. Maybe a world champion will come again.”

Father, son produce microtonal guitar