Farmworker student publishes own book

Farmworker student publishes own book

Farmworker student publishes own book

A senior high school student in the eastern province of Van has published a book he wrote with the money he raised from his job as a farmworker.

Yusuf Ceylan, 18, penned his long-time dream book in his spare time.

“I always wanted to write a book. I put a lot of effort into it for over a year. To have the book published, I needed money. I saved money while working at the farm, and in the end, my saving was enough to cover the expenses of publishing the book,” Ceylan said.

The high school student gave a copy of the 136-page book, titled “The Hunters: The torch of dark,” to his father as a present.

According to Ceylan, he decided to write a book also to encourage his father to gain the habit of reading.

“My father was very surprised and got emotional at the same time. My mother told me I should give away copies of it to those who enjoy reading. I did so and handed out several copies to people in the park. It is a dream come true,” the young writer said.

Praising his son’s success, father Sait Ceylan, who works at a bakery store, said he is very proud of Yusuf.

“Because of my job, I do not have time to read. One day he showed up with a book in his hand. I was so surprised. I was the first one to have the book as a gift. Yusuf wants me to read. I promised him. I will do so,” Sait Ceylan said.