Farid Farjad meets Turkish audiences

Farid Farjad meets Turkish audiences

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Farid Farjad meets Turkish audiences

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Iranian-American violin virtuoso Farid Farjad gave a concert at Bodrum Castle in the southern province of Muğla July 21.

Farjad said he saw Turkey as his own country. He said “welcome” at the beginning of the concert in Turkish, and added that he was very happy to be giving a concert in Turkey and had missed Turkey a lot.

He played compositions by Golha, Taghtam Deh, Sang E Khaara, Goleh Pamchal and Robabeh Jan.

Supporters of the Iranian regime had forced the Iranian-American violin virtuoso to leave the stage during a concert in Istanbul Oct. 20 after taking issue with musician’s verbal criticisms of the Islamic republic.

Farjad had come to Turkey for two concerts, the second on Oct. 20 at Istanbul Kültür University’s Akıngüç Auditorium. Toward the end of the concert, Farjad stopped playing to explain how the regime in Iran had smothered the joy of music in the country.

Farjad and controversies

Farjad, who has been living in the United States for 40 years, also said his brother had been sentenced to lashings in Iran. After his commentary, a group of five people shouted at Farjad. Farjad quarreled with them in Persian and left the stage, and a translator explained the incident in Turkish to the audience.

The pro-regime group said Iran was not as Farjad described. The protesters were later escorted out of the concert hall, and Farjad returned to the stage after their removal.

When he returned to the stage, Farjad shared more of his thoughts on Iran’s regime and the current situation in Iran. Farjad said he loved Turkey and wanted to die in Turkey as a Turkish citizen.