Family kept waiting for murder victims’ remains

Family kept waiting for murder victims’ remains

Family kept waiting for murder victims’ remains

Aygün family. AA Photo

A Turkish family living in Belgium has been on hold for 468 days to retrieve the bodies of theirs sons that were murdered two years ago, Hürriyet reported.

Belgium’s Kortrijk district prosecutor Marc Allegaert has refused to release the bodies because of the ongoing murder trial. The murder victims’ family is forced to pay 140 euros daily for the bodies to be kept in a morgue.

The family is already under a 100,000 euro debt.

Vahit Aygün, father of the victims, said that he tried everything to get his sons bodies’ back.

"I've spoken to the justice minister, I've spoken to Turkish authorities visiting Belgium, I went to the Turkish Parliament twice," Aygün said.

People had a hard time believing them, but they did everything to help, Aygün said.

Prosecutor Allegaert remained unreachable, the family said, and kept refusing to return the bodies amid an unresolved case.

"Autopsies have been made, and the ones responsible have been identified," the Aygün family pleaded. "Is he going to make the dead talk?"