Exhibition explores Türkiye’s cultural scene in 90s

Exhibition explores Türkiye’s cultural scene in 90s

Exhibition explores Türkiye’s cultural scene in 90s

A new exhibition at Salt, titled “The 90s Onstage,” explores notions of the stage and performance in the cultural scene and its artistic productions during the 1990s in Türkiye.

The decade marked a period of major social, political, and economic shifts in Türkiye as the boundaries of freedom expanded in the fields of performance and entertainment, particularly in Istanbul. It was also a time when Türkiye’s arts scene foregrounded the “interdisciplinary” concept.

Integrating a wide range of disciplines and performance practices, their experimental nature offered a progressive ground for artists. Examining performance works produced in this decade, “The 90s Onstage” presents multifaceted insights into the history of arts, culture, and entertainment.

Composed of comprehensive archival materials from artist collectives and individuals utilizing the medium of performance, the exhibition encompasses the years from 1988 to 1999 and extends into the early 2000s. It brings together photographs, video recordings, objects, sketches, mock-ups, correspondences, posters and brochures from selected events, introducing a variety of production styles, from live performances to video clips and television programs.

The exhibition traces the intersections of a diverse range of performances that gained visibility in certain places such as parks, clubs, historical landmarks, and abandoned sites, creating unlikely connections and contributing to a broader understanding of the “stage.”

Focusing on the collective initiatives of artists and designers, “The 90s Onstage” can be visited free of charge until Feb. 12, 2023, at Salt’s two venues, located in Beyoğlu and Galata.