Exciting finds at Kahin Tepe excavations

Exciting finds at Kahin Tepe excavations

Exciting finds at Kahin Tepe excavations

The Kahin Tepe excavations in the northern province of Kastamonu’s Araç district have unearthed findings such as a grinding stone and ornaments belonging to the Aceramic Neolithic period.

Having started last year, the excavations are carried out by the Kastamonu Museum Directorate and consulted by the Düzce University Head of the Protohistoric and Near Eastern Archaeology Department Nurperi Ayengin.

Nineteen students and academics from various universities are working in the excavation field.

Speaking to the Anadolu Agency, Ayengin said that they started the excavations in the region last year as a dam rescue project near Başköy village.

Pointing out that Kahin Tepe is located in a strategic location, Ayengin said, “The settlement in the region is located in an area overlooking the plain. The water source passing in front of the Kahin Tepe contributes to the region’s food economy, while strengthening defense.”

Stating that the region had settlements in two different periods, Ayengin said, “There is a settlement dated to the early Bronze Age. In this area, we see offering pits. Too many materials were found in the offering pits, but unfortunately, most of them were degraded during agricultural activity. Below them, we found a circular plan dating to the Aceramic (ceramic-free) Neolithic period. The pit is a typical structure of the Aceramic Neolithic period.”

Ayengin emphasized that they thought that the region belonged to an early period by considering the finds they obtained during the first excavations last year, and added, “We can say that this building is a stone workshop dating to the Aceramic Neolithic period. The most famous settlement of the Aceramic Neolithic period is Göbeklitepe. Göbeklitepe is considered as the first place of worship, and this is a workshop where stones are processed. There is a place of worship in Göbeklitepe and a workshop here."

Stating that the findings were important in terms of the Black Sea region, Ayengin continued:
“To date, no place has been found in the Black Sea dating to this period. It was not known that there was such a settlement in the Black Sea. It is the oldest settlement in the Black Sea region to date. It dates back to 12,000 years ago. There are many similarities with other settlements belonging to the same period.”

As for the stone workshop in the field, she said, “There was a serious production in this stone workshop. The products were probably given to the surrounding settlements by exchange method. We found works from symbolic ones to grinding stones. We found stone artifacts depicting powerful animals that people see around them.”

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