Excavations end in ‘Ephesus of Black Sea’

Excavations end in ‘Ephesus of Black Sea’

DÜZCE – Anadolu Agency
Excavations end in ‘Ephesus of Black Sea’

This year’s excavations in the ancient city of Prusias ad Hypium have been completed in the northwestern Turkish province of Düzce.

The ancient city, which is known for its ancient theater, aqueducts and Roman Bridge, is sometimes dubbed the “Ephesus of the western Black Sea region,” referring to the famous ancient Roman site in Western Anatolia.

Excavations at the site have been carried out with the joint support of the Düzce University Archaeology Department, the Düzce Governor’s Office, the Konuralp Museum Directorate and the Düzce Municipality.

Züleyha Kartal Önemli, the director of the Konuralp Museum and head of the excavations, said the work unearted “surprises” this year.

“We focused on the western paradox of the ancient theater. This is the area where visitors entered the theater in the Middle Ages. We unearthed the road to this entrance and steps. We also made drilling work and saw that the cavea [the seating sections of Roman amphitheaters] of the theater was intact. This was a surprise for us on the last day of excavations,” Önemli said.

She added that all the artifacts unearthed in the ancient city this year are currently being documented and will be presented to the Preservation Council.

“This year we worked with 30 people. We plan to work with the same team next year,” Önemli stated.