Ex-football player wanted for homicide

Ex-football player wanted for homicide

Ex-football player wanted for homicide

A former Turkish-German football player is wanted for allegedly killing one person and injuring four others during a traffic feud outside of Istanbul.

One person was shot and killed in a traffic fight in which ex-football player Sezer Öztürk, who once played for Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe, got involved in Şile, a district on the far west of Istanbul’s Asian side on Sept. 19.

According to reports, the bullet that caused the death of the Halil İbrahim Genç, 24, was fired by Öztürk while Haydar Genç, a relative of the victim, was stabbed in the leg during the quarrel.

While Öztürk and his companions were driving away from the scene in a luxury vehicle registered in Germany, an arrest warrant was issued by a local court to arrest Öztürk on charges of willful killing and deliberate injury.

The firing moment and escape of Öztürk and others were also captured by a mobile phone camera.

While a person involved in the incident was arrested, Genç, father of two, who died in the fight, was buried in Nişantepe cemetery in Istanbul

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