European victory boosts interest in volleyball lessons

European victory boosts interest in volleyball lessons

European victory boosts interest in volleyball lessons

According to data from a prominent service providing platform, the Turkish Women's Volleyball Team's successes on the world stage has raised interest in volleyball nationally, particularly among young girls, and increased the demand for volleyball lessons by 180 percent.

The data suggests that this interest peaks especially during the league finals.

In July 2023, all volleyball private lessons and volleyball classes searches on the Internet increased by 180 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, and the searches kept soaring this month by 170 percent compared to August 2023.

The European championship success of the Turkish Women's Volleyball Team was reflected in the demands right from the first day after the win.

Stating that the demands started to increase at record speed in September, data experts said that many parents are currently looking for volleyball courses for their children.

Volleyball courses and private lessons, which gained momentum with the victory, are expected to grow 700 percent by the end of September compared to the previous year, the data has shown.

Türkiye recently won the Women's European Volleyball Championship by defeating Serbia in the final match in five sets.

The "Most Valuable Player" of the match was Melissa Vargas, who finished with 41 points in the final match.

Tens of thousands of Turkish fans who had gathered in parks and public spaces across the nation to watch the final on large screens reveled in the triumph into the early hours of Sept. 4.



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