‘Escape from Tehran’ book becomes movie

‘Escape from Tehran’ book becomes movie

‘Escape from Tehran’ book becomes movie

“Escape from Tehran,” a book by journalist and author Erdal Güven on hundreds of Japanese citizens being rescued from the midst of the Iran-Iraq War, has been adapted to cinema. The shooting of the film will start in Cappadocia, a picturesque region in Central Anatolia. 

The film, produced by MacMedya and directed by Hakan Kurşun, tells the operation of bringing 215 Japan citizens to Turkey from Tehran. 

Starring Furkan Palalı, Burhan Öcal and Megumi Masaki, the film’s script was written by Fatih Özcan and Şeyda Delibaşı, and its soundtrack composed by musician Kıraç. 

During the Iran-Iraq War, in 1985, Turkish Airlines brought 215 Japanese citizens from Tehran to Istanbul, saving their lives. The event improved relations between Japan and Turkey. 

Güven, known for his books on Japan, does not only cover the rescue of the 215 Japanese passengers but also the story of a Japanese girl on the quest to find her Turkish father after 30 years. 

The shooting of the film will take place in Istanbul, Tokyo and Cappadocia. It will be released in Tokyo and then in Turkey on April 30, 2019.