Erhan Yazıcıoğlu resigns from his post

Erhan Yazıcıoğlu resigns from his post

Erhan Yazıcıoğlu resigns from his post

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City Theaters General Art Director Erhan Yazıcıoğlu has announced that he has resigned from his post. 
Speaking at the “Son(suz) Öykü” gala at the Haldun Taner stage in Istanbul’s Kadıköy on Dec. 28, Yazıcoğlu said, “We viewed a very nice play but this is the last speech of my 48-year professional life.” 

He said he would say farewell to City Theaters, and continued: 

“I gave my life but unfortunately, I failed to ingratiate myself with some of my friends as well as the management. But you, the people of Kadıköy, will always be in my life because you are the illuminated people of my country that plunges into darkness.”

Born in 1951, Yazıcıoğlu spent 48 years in City Theaters and was appointed the general art director in 2014. 
During his post, City Theaters set a record by winning 84 awards.