Erdoğan pledges to reap fruits of new economic model in summer

Erdoğan pledges to reap fruits of new economic model in summer

Erdoğan pledges to reap fruits of new economic model in summer

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Jan. 12 said the new economic model of the country would yield results in the summer and would prevent the nation from “falling under the burden of an unfair price increase” with measures taken.

“In the summer months, we will begin to reap the fruits of our efforts and sacrifices together,” Erdoğan said at his party’s parliamentary group meeting.

That’s when 2023 will turn into a historical turning point for Turkey, he added.

“We are determined to make our country a part of the championship league in the economy as well as introducing unparalleled investments and works in every field,” Erdoğan said.

The government resolutely continues its goal of placing Turkey among the top 10 economies of the world with the Turkish model, he stated.

After Turkey eliminated the 2016 coup attempt, it faced “hostility from Western countries,” he said and added, “The implicit embargo against our country has reached a level where financial instruments are highlighted.”

Turkey had a very successful economic management during the pandemic, despite the outbreak shifting the balances of the global economy, the president said.

“Developed countries had to face inflation that increased fivefold. Inflation reached an unprecedented rate in their history,” he said, noting that Turkey also has an inflation problem.

“Of course, there is an inflation problem in our country. In addition, it grappled with the currency problem. As in the exchange rate, there is inflation that does not match the realities of our economy. We will prevent this as soon as possible,” he stated.

Erdoğan pledged that the government would not let any segment of the society be oppressed in the face of inflation.

They will re-evaluate the situation of employees in July for salary adjustments according to the inflation realization, he said.

The government had started to take serious measures in every field to protect the people’s economic situation, he said. As an example, the government limited the cap increase in private school fees to 36 percent, he added.

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