Engineer crafts wasted olive tree branches

Engineer crafts wasted olive tree branches

BALIKESİR – Demirören News Agency
Engineer crafts wasted olive tree branches

An engineer-turned-farmer has now started to transform olive tree woods into works of art.

Murat Narin, a former civil engineer residing in Burhaniye district of the western Balıkesir province, founded a workshop to make tables, coffee tables and kitchen tools from olive tree woods.

“I encountered olive trees years ago. First, their unformed but straight structures caught my attention. But when I learned more about them later, I realized their uniqueness,” he said, stressing that the world of olive trees is “completely different.”

“The branches of the olive trees left aside after pruning were used as firewood. We thought how to make use of them,” he added.

“We noticed the patterns and its amazing texture. We created these objects. I didn’t know anything about using a lathe to shape woods, I learned it on my own,” said Narin.

He has also founded a small factory to extract oil from olives without seeds.

“As well as providing people with health not only with its fruit and oil, olive tree also offers a great beauty to people. This must be the reason for blessing it over thousands of years,’’ he said.

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