Endangered bald ibis birds released into wild

Endangered bald ibis birds released into wild

Endangered bald ibis birds released into wild

Some 15 newborns of the endangered northern bald ibis species have been released into the wild in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa’s Birecik district, as part of the annual process to allow the birds not to forget their migration route.

“This year, we released 15 strong birds into the wild so that they can migrate. We want to see what kind of life they will have in nature by following their migration path,” said Hacı Ahmet Çiçek, an official at the Nature Conservation and National Parks Authority.

“When we will see our bald ibis flying through the air and returning in February 2022, we will be able to understand that birds follow their own migration path, achieving our goal,” he added.

The newborns were released from the Bald Ibis Reproduction Center, which was established in 1977 with 11 bald ibises in the city’s Birecik district, with the aim to ensure these critically endangered bird species be able to survive and reproduce.

Noting that they had 72 chicks this year at the center where 68 chicks were born last year, Çiçek noted that the total number of bald ibis reached 325.