Emerging artists to gather for art project

Emerging artists to gather for art project

Emerging artists to gather for art project

Last year 60 percent of project works were sold and the event drew 3,000 people, according to officials.

The second edition of the Mamut Art Project will be held at Istanbul’s Küçükçiftlik Park between April 3 and 6. The project was brought to life last year in order to give young and independent artists the chances they deserve, to spread their unique works of art to a wider audience and shed a new, young and dynamic light on art.

A group of 55 artists from various fields such as painting, photography, installation, street art, sculpture, illustration and video, will showcase their work over an area of 10 m2, designed for each artist, in a huge tent over the period of four days. 

Young artists will come together with gallery owners, curators and collectors, as well as leading names in the art world.

Sixty percent sold

The founding partner of the project, Seren Kohen said that last year the project introduced 47 talented artists from various fields. Kohen said the project was visited by 3,000 people and 60 percent of the pieces were sold to important collections.

The goal of the project and the fair is to generate a starting point in the careers of artists who are unfamiliar with the art market and its working conditions, and to create a transition period between being an arts student to becoming an established artist.