Doğan Holding honors young talents' projects

Doğan Holding honors young talents' projects

Doğan Holding honors young talents projects

Doğan Holding employees honored as 'young talents' pose with holding's executives during the award ceremony.

A total of six projects developed by young employees of Doğan Holding received awards yesterday as part of the Doğan Young Talents program.

“We were presented with some inspiring and brilliant ideas by our young talents,” said Doğan Holding Chairwoman Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı, speaking at a ceremony in Istanbul’s Altunizade, where the group’s headquarters is located. “The results of the projects achieved their goals with great success,” Doğan Faralyalı continued, welcoming the project team members, who recently began working for the group after completing a management training program. “Contributing to our country’s economy is very satisfying for us and we are striving for more and growing every day,” Doğan Faralyalı added. “We are incredibly happy to welcome you as part of our big family.”

Six projects, compatible with the sectors the group is involved in, were presented during yesterday’s event. One of the groups developed an application for smart phones to reach personalized online content of Doğan Media, similar to the service provided by the international applications Zite or Umano. Another successful project aimed to strengthen the corporate identity of Doğan by designing a social media website intended only for use by the group’s staff, allowing Doğan staff to stay connected via the intranet and social media. Also rewarded was the concept for a website that would enable users to publish their own personally designed online magazine without requiring any special skills, and a project aimed at assisting Doğan companies to minimize carbon usage and save more energy after analyzing a number of the group’s buildings. Another project was on measuring the corporate governance performance of companies. The final group presented a project for D-Smart broadcasting, merging social media with traditional media in interactive ways, for example allowing users to watch a TV series while simultaneously discussing it online with friends.