Documentary films prepare for screen

Documentary films prepare for screen

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Documentary films prepare for screen

The festival films are chosen with consideration given to how effective each film’s language is, its interaction with human values and contribution to the field.

Preparations are underway for the International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, which will return to Istanbul for its 15th edition Sept. 27 through Oct. 2, with the theme “System error.”

A four-day camp was recently held by the Documentary Movie Makers’ Association in Izmir to select the films to be screened at the festival. From among 400 entries, 120 films passed pre-selection. The films will be evaluated by professionals working in the documentary cinema field: academicians, directors and actors.

Films will chosen for the festival with consideration given to how effective each film’s language is, its interaction with human values, its contribution to the field, and any ideology each it attempts to convey.

Films from Spain, Iran, Germany, Greece and elsewhere will be shown in free screenings at locations on both sides of Istanbul over the festival’s five days.

The festival will present documentary films for its main screening program under the following seven themes named by seven colors:

Colors of the festival

Black (stories about true life war, violence, social depression and the people who experienced, suffered or resisted these times); Red (the conditions of work and labor, workers and laborers in the world order); Orange (modern day stories from close or far geography); Yellow (the original approaches to history by cinema and documents); Blue (ordinary stories about extraordinary people and extraordinary stories about ordinary people); Purple (women in society, women in family, women at work, women against violence-violence against women); Green (films that struggle for a sustainable world); White(films on art, craft and culture).

In the history of the 1001 Documentary Festival 1,200 films from 58 different countries have been shown, and 150 foreign and Turkish directors have taken part.

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