Discovery documentaries to be screened on TRT HD

Discovery documentaries to be screened on TRT HD

ANKARA - Anatolia News Agency
Discovery documentaries to be screened on TRT HD State-run Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) will kick off the new year by showing Discovery documentaries on its HD TV station.

 “TRT HD will cover all programs such as movies, series and live programs like sports matches. The HD channel’s quality will reflect the effort put into the project,” TRT HD channel coordinator Kürşat Özkök said. “Discovery documentaries will also be screened on the TRT HD channel.”

Özkok said TRT HD led the market in HD television. “TRT HD is the leader of HD channels [in Turkey]. The important factors for the channel are its infrastructure and technique.”

TRT has made a global mark, said Özkök, adding that the HD channel’s success was the result of hard work. “We follow TV stations’ ethical standards and we aim to reach audiences with our high-quality, ethical programs.”

Thanks to TRT HD’s quality, TRT will broadcast with high-definition sound and imagery, Özkök said, adding that the network also aimed to increase overall quality in the country in terms of HD broadcasting.

“We aim to contribute to high-quality broadcasting in Turkey,” he said, adding that this was a very important goal for them. “It is also very important for us to reach as many people as possible via HD TRT.”

The channel started broadcasting on May 24 with four studios in Ankara and Istanbul, Özkök said. “The broadcasts cover Turkey, Europe and our surrounding region.”

There is one studio for filming and editing, while others are dedicated to the infrastructure and technical structures of the channel. “All the studios include the necessary structure to broadcast HD programs,” said Özkök. “The standard programs for broadcast are in 720 by 576 pixels. However TRT HD needs 1920 by 1080 pixels to give the audience a 90 percent feeling of reality.”

Audiences will also have chance to see the Berlin Opera on TRT HD on New Year’s Eve.