Dirk keeps an eye on Europe

Dirk keeps an eye on Europe

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Dirk keeps an eye on Europe

Nowitzki throws out the first pitch before Game 3 of World Series on Oct 22.

Dallas Mavericks’ German power forward Dirk Nowitzki, MVP in the Mavericks’ NBA finals triumph in June, is not ruling out the possibility of a move to Europe if the current NBA lock-out continues.

“This week we are going back to work, Dirk has not touched the ball since the European Championship at the end of September,” declared Nowitzki’s personal coach Holger Geschwindner, who also said the player was “ruling nothing out, even if he has no concrete ideas” about a switch to Europe.

“At the moment, Dirk is out of shape. We are going to work hard over the nex two weeks,” added Geschwindner.

“If he goes anywhere, he will be going there for the whole season.”

However, Nowitzki’s mentor has not yet abandoned all hope of the NBA season eventually getting underway.

“There is still a small chance of a breakthrough in the negotiations with the NBA. If not, we will have to find an alternative solution,” he admitted.

A number of European clubs, particularly in Germany, have already sounded out the 33-year-old.

“We have to keep all options open and keep an eye on what’s happening abroad,” Nowitzki said at the end of October.

“If the lock-out continues, it is something I will really have to think about.”

The failure of owners and players to agree upon a new collective bargaining agreement is responsible for the ongoing NBA lockout.