Details of Ankara ‘triple killing’ revealed

Details of Ankara ‘triple killing’ revealed

Details of Ankara ‘triple killing’ revealed

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An investigation into a murder involving a police officer in Ankara on July 1 has revealed that a woman and the policeman who killed her were previously having an affair.

The woman, Şengül Özbek, and her sister were shot to death by the policeman, Bircan Tanyeli, in front of the Beysukent Police Station in the Çankaya district on July 1. Tanyeli also died after being shot by another police officer from the same police station.

Özbek reportedly left her husband two years ago and began a relationship with Tanyeli, who was married to her husband’s sister. After a one-year affair, Tanyeli also decided to divorce his wife, but the families of both reacted harshly after learning of the situation.

Following this reaction, Özbek began to put distance between herself and Tanyeli, saying she wanted to have a break until they were both divorced. Unable to accept this situation, Tanyeli reportedly harassed Özbek to meet him, and Özbek filed a formal complaint against Tanyeli when his threats increased.

Tanyeli did not go to the police station after being summoned for questioning, after which Özbek demanded police protection when she realized that Tanyeli was following her. Özbek was shot in Ankara by Tanyeli on the day that her protection demand was delivered.

Tanyeli had previously received two official warnings as part of his work, the police department has stated.

The police officer who shot Tanyeli has reportedly said he intervened in the attack because he thought it could be a terror incident as it took place in front of a police station.