Destroyed synagogue restored in İzmir

Destroyed synagogue restored in İzmir

Destroyed synagogue restored in İzmir

Within the 29.5 million Turkish Liras of expropriation work, the Beit Hillel Synagogue has been restored and will become a museum when the work is completed.

The İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has restored a 17th century synagogue that was about to collapse. The city of a long and rich history has now regained one of the structures from its cultural richness.

Within the 29.5 million Turkish Liras of expropriation works, the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the rehabilitation of synagogues and their vicinity. As part of these works, reconstruction started in April 2013 in the 17th century Beit Hillel Synagogue.

According to the project, approved by the İzmir Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board No. 1, the nearly collapsed synagogue was first cleaned. Only the front façade of the synagogue had survived while the other parts were completely ruined. The back of the structure and its roof was covered. Also, a basement, which had been discovered during examinations, was taken under protection.

The structure, which had been a ruin for many years, will be turned into a museum when the restoration is done.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials, noting the city opened its doors to every culture, faith and language, said, “İzmir is the city of tolerant people. This project is a result of this understanding. We have finished the reconstruction project in the Beit Hillel Synagogue.”

Two fires

The Beit Hillel Syangogue is located in Kemeraltı neighborhood. With two fires, the structure was almost ruined and only its front wall had survived until present. Its stone window frames and wrought iron fences remained. Experts determined that the main elements of the wooden carrier columns of the building were burned and lost their function. The synagogue was believed to have a suspended roof system and a similar roof was made.