Destination for isolated holiday: Dikili bays

Destination for isolated holiday: Dikili bays

Destination for isolated holiday: Dikili bays

The Dikili district of İzmir, which is home to many unexplored large and small coves, offers an alternative option for those who want to have an isolated holiday amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Dikili, where the blue and green of the North Aegean meet, stands out as a region open to development in terms of tourism with its sea, 40 kilometers of beach and healing thermal springs.

The Bademli district, 120 kilometers from İzmir, has an undiscovered nature and many large and small bays.

While the bays create a visual feast with many shades of blue and green, they stand out as an alternative place for those looking for isolated holidays in the new period called “controlled social life.”

Zindancık Bay, on the other hand, gives peace with its white sand, clarity, calmness, naturalness and all shades of blue. Bademli Bay draws attention as one of the unique beauties where blue and green meet.

Hanımın Bay, Pissa Beach and Killik and Fame bays also amaze with their turquoise waters. Garip and Kalem Islands are also visible from here.

Aquarium Bay, which is one of the most ideal places for swimming, is described as the “Maldives of the Aegean” with its turquoise sea water on the white sands.

There is a thermal facility at the top of Hayıtlı Bay, which impresses people with its beautiful appearance. In Ilıca Bay, which has healing thermal waters, hot water comes out from under the sea.

Visitors to the region can also go to nearby destinations Bergama, Ayvalık and Foça after visiting Çandarlı, which is known as a place where amazon female warriors ruled.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, tourism operator Ejder Öncel said that his grandfather has hosted tourists in Killik Bay for nearly 40 years.

Stating that the region was already not crowded but more visitors were coming after the coronavirus, Öncel said, “This is a place like the Maldives of Turkey. We try to give people the comfort of their own home as much as we can. This year, due to the coronavirus, we abide by the rules of hygiene, mask and social distance. We don’t have much intensity on weekdays. For this reason, we want to welcome our guests who want to relax in the sea during this period. In general, local tourists come. Our customers mostly come from Manisa and İzmir, but this year, with the impact of the coronavirus, people came from Istanbul. Dikili bays are calm and peaceful compared to other places. People can easily swim and sunbathe.”