Design of Turkish physician to become hope for lung patients

Design of Turkish physician to become hope for lung patients

Design of Turkish physician to become hope for lung patients

A Turkish doctor has made a design that makes cannulas used in the treatment of lung diseases work more actively, an invention that will give hope to patients whose lungs are losing function.

The patent of the design by Professor Yahya Yıldız has been registered in the United States.

Thanks to this invention, the blood of patients will be cleaned with a cannula, which is a tube that can be placed for the delivery and removal of fluid into the body or for the collection of samples.

The sample of the cannula was introduced at a ceremony held at Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul.

Speaking at the launch, Yıldız said the process took more than four years.

“We made new types of drawings and we wanted to secure these drawings as intellectual property. Our invention has been patented in the U.S.,” he said, adding that the patent process continues in Turkey and a registration decision is awaited.

Yıldız also made evaluations about his invention, which will become a hope for lung patients.

“Some cannulas are required, which carries the patient’s dirty blood to a machine, cleans it and gives it back to the patient,” Yıldız said, stressing that they have been working on what can be done as the last savior for patients whose lung functions are completely gone.

Pointing out that the cannulas available in the market are not sufficient and they do not carry out the activities of cleaning the blood of the patients as desired, Yıldız said: “We thought that we should go the way of improving them and we made some calculations with the engineers.”

“Finally, we put forward scientific articles about the possibility of new types of cannulas. We presented the results we obtained here at the International Congress of Extracorporeal Circulation,” he said.

Stating that an application was made to the Istanbul Medipol University’s patent unit in order to secure the designs as intellectual property, the expert emphasized that they received awards both in Turkey and in international patent competitions.

“The most important benefit of the invention will be to humanity. We will provide a little more benefit to all patients,” Yıldız said, noting that it shows that Turkey can also manufacture products that can be valid in the international arena and can be transferred to the industry.

“In the upcoming period, we want to continue on the production of this cannula. I think we will be able to produce this cannula in 2022 or 2023,” he added.