Denizli to host painters from abroad

Denizli to host painters from abroad

DENİZLİ - Doğan News Agency
The city of Denizli in southwestern Turkey is set to host in May the Cross-cultural Painting Camp, organized as part of the Turkey and European Union program.

The presentation of the schedule for the event, supported by Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Education Culture Foundation and EU Cross-cultural Dialogue 2, took place at the Poetry Hotel.

Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Holding and Cafer Sadık Abalıoğlu Education and Culture Foundation President Mehmet Ali Abalıoğlu said if citizens of a country do not draw and do not create sculptures they cannot develop, in words resonant of those of Atatürk.

As a company they give support to arts and culture events and aim to nurture these locally and internationally. “If we want to develop, we have to invest in arts and culture,” said Abalıoğlu.

The project in Denizli will support the growth of the city and help to create an art and culture platform. “The project is financed by the European Union and Turkey. With this camp the artists will come together in the same area and young talents will meet with the professionals,” he said.

The project will take place between May 5 and 20 this year. A total of 10 Turkish artists will travel to Denizli for the project, while 18 artists from European Union countries will also visit in order to participate.

“The artists will work at the atelier for 15 days and we will host them,” said Abalıoğlu. The works created during the Cross-cultural Painting Camp will then be exhibited in Rome in June before returning to Denizli in July.

There will also be a painting competition as a part of the project.