Deadline extended for art residency program

Deadline extended for art residency program

The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) has announced that Cité des Arts, a Turkish artists’ venue in Paris, has extended its application period. Cité Internationale des Arts is preparing to host new artists for its January to April 2012 residency period.

Staying and working in Paris can expand the perspective of artists, said one of the program’s consultants, Banu Dicle. “We aim to host exhibitions in the large exhibition area of Cité des Arts.”

İKSV coordinates the residency program, which was begun in 1965 to increase the cultural interaction between Turkey and other countries. Invitations are made using an open-call system.

Cité des Arts has hosted famous Turkish artists such as Komet, Ömer Uluç, Utku Varlık, Selda Asal, İdil Biret, Handan Börüteçene, Fikret Atay, İnci Eviner, Ahmet Öğüt, Çınar Eslek, Aslı Cavuşoğlu, Bahar Oganer and Burak Delier.

Cité des Arts can accommodate 35 artists at one time; residents can stay at individually assigned workshops from two months to one year. With its exhibition halls, rehearsal studios, concert and performance venues, Cité des Arts gives artists the opportunity to improve themselves and actively create.

The institution also assigns 20 workshops to German artists, 17 to Swiss artists, 16 to Chinese, 14 to Japanese and four to Iranians.