Daughter 'sold' by contract wants the buyer punished

Daughter 'sold' by contract wants the buyer punished

Daughter sold by contract wants the buyer punished

The girl was found with her family in a neighborhood in Sivas. IHA Photo

An 18-year-old girl that was sold by her father to a businessman six years ago wants the heaviest punishment possible to be meted out to the man who bought her, daily Hürriyet reported.
The girl called a day-time TV show and spoke about the subject, saying she loved and trusted her parents and wished for the businessman who bought her to receive the worst punishment.
She said she did not remember whether or not the signature on the contract was hers.
"My parents didn't take any money from him," she said.
She had started to work for the businessman in question, and that is why her father signed a blank piece of paper which was then filled in by the man himself, she said.
The parents both denied the transaction took place while the father supported her daughter's claim that he had signed a blank piece of paper, saying the man took his daughter in the evening one day but brought her back my midnight.

"Every time I think things will be OK, something reminds me of everything," the daughter said. "The police show up, the court date comes. I relive those days every time."

She still lives with her father

Reporters and social services officials had found the girl and the family earlier, including her mother and the accused father, in Sivas after six years of searching failed to locate her.

The mother had the father had left for Antalya to work on construction sites.

"We thought this was over. Where is this coming from now? We don't know anything," she was quoted saying.
The officials found that the girl was traumatized and in need of psychiatric help after speaking to her for 75 minutes.

A legal process has begun to bring the father to the next hearing, according to reports. 

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